European Clarinet Association

At the 2009 ClarinetFest in Porto, Portugal, a group of European clarinetists planted the seed to found the European Clarinet Association - ECA. And on 5 November 2010 in Kortrijk, Belgium was the birth. The Board of Directors included clarinetists from different European regions (Pedro Rubio, Arkadiusz Adamski, Simone Weber, Eddy Vanoosthuyse, Heike Fricke, David Campbell and Luigi Magistrelli) , under the leadership of Matthias Müller from Zurich.

Today's situation anno 2021

President: Stephan Vermeersch

Vice President: Matthias Müller

Board Members: Philippe Cuper, Arkadiusz Adamski, Nuno Silva, Heike Fricke, Sarah Watts, Lara Diaz, Céleste Zewald, Antonio Fraioli, Andrija Blagojevic