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with notification:  ECA membership, (optional) ICA membership and your name and coordinates (name, nationality, address, email, website (optional), phone, date of birth, pro or amateur, job

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The 10th European Clarinet Festival 

 24-27 August 2021 in Győr.

Artistic Director: Gabor Varga (gabclarinet24@gmail.com)

Győr is going to be the host of the 10th European Clarinet Festival, where notable professionals and representatives of the world of music are gatehring to broaden their knowledge and gain more experience to improve the future of this wonderful instrument.


Artistic Director: Gabor Varga (gabclarinet24@gmail.com)

Mission Statement

  • To enhance contact and communication among clarinetists and national clarinet associations.
  • To support - in experience and knowledge - activities and events in collaboration with those organisers and reach out to share all info: festivals, concerts, masterclasses, workshops, new compositions and/or publications, methods, competitions, results of competitions, results of Conservatories/Universities, research ....
  • To disseminate and share that information through a Facebook group.
  • To active promote the clarinet with the youth in this ever-evolving world.
  • To establish contact, communication and interaction with orchestral and solo performers, with education on all levels (beginners to professionals - schools, academies, conservatories, universities, private initiatives) and with the music industry.